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Puppeteering With Heartstrings

Puppeteering With Heartstrings

It is said that anything lost can be found again except for time wasted.  What if that time wasted was revealed after over a decade of love, trust, and unsolicited happiness? What happens when you fall in love for years only to watch those years fall apart in months? Years of knowing someone becomes days of waking up to a total stranger? The path of life soon leads to a junction where you are led to new paths.  These paths can sometimes lead to discovery thru growth and destruction.  This change can help you realize the true length and meaning of a season.  Loved ones become memories in a maelstrom torn from your life.


Puppeteering with Heartstrings narrates the story of a man, who after overcoming one setback, continues pursuing his ultimate goal which is to take care of his family.  However, due to causality, he is beset by turmoil and betrayal brought on by those he cares for the most; his family.  As he struggles to keep his sanity and family together, he discovers his true strength and what love truly is. Despite the love and backbone that he has come to know all of his adult life, he has to face his most difficult trial yet:  Letting go.  He learns first hand how far those who are vindictive will go to see that he loses everything.  The strong hand of fate is hard at work and those who manipulate and control others find great satisfaction in it.  Will his drive to fight for his family last or will his inner demons and antagonists get the best of him?

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