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The Law of Attraction For The Pessimistic Mind

The Law of Attraction For The Pessimistic Mind

Have you dreamed of things in your life coming to pass but can never manage to figure out how to do it?  We often feel like we are bombarded with negativity and a bleak outlook on life based off of our past experiences.  This turns into a daily methodical ritual and sometimes we don’t even notice it.  What if we could change things in our lives as we saw fit?  What if this could be done at command?  The secret is that you can!  We are beings of energy which means that our thoughts are energy.  Our entire existence is energy so why would we not participate in carving out the lives that we desire?  We are the editors of our story and our minds are our greatest tool for bringing everything into fruition.  What happens to us can be perceived as negative or positive.  This is all subjective and relative to our circumstances and our perspectives.  What do you desire?  Let’s manifest it!  

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